Completion of Mrittikay Mahakal’s cultural project “Let The Light Come”

প্রকাশিত January 18, 2021
Completion of Mrittikay Mahakal’s cultural project “Let The Light Come”

News Desk: in collaboration with the International Republican Institute, an international organization of the United States, has completed the project “Let the Light Come” on social change through the cultural activities of Mrittikay Mahakal, one of the most famous mass cultural organizations in the country. Through virtual broadcasting, Mrittikay Mahakal created and broadcasts a total of 11 cultural programs in this project. Among the cultural events were: 6 Street Drama, 2 Musical Production, 2 Recitation Production and a Stage Drama.

More than 50 artists and craftsmen of Mrittikay Mahakal took part in this project which started on 31st August 2020.

Also present as guests at various webinars of the project were Geoffrey Macdonald, PhD, Residential Program Director Bangladesh, International Republican Institute, Amitabha Ghosh, Program Manager, Bangladesh, Kazi Mahtab Sumon and Rashed hasan, joint Secretory of Bangladsh Abritti Somonnoy Porishod.

They said that human change of a nation is not possible without pure cultural practice. Pure cultural practice can eliminate various inconsistencies in our society. There is no alternative to cultural practice in building a nation with human qualities. The International Republican Institute is committed to advancing democracy worldwide.

Syed Saimum Anjum Evan, Chief Executive of Mrittikay Mahakal, was the Project Director and Abdul Ahad Sunny was the Project Co-ordinator.